PacJAM introduces Washboard to JAM lineup

WEDNESDAYS 6:15 -7:15 pm

2 4-week sessions for all ages:  April 14-May 5 & May 12-June 2

Teachers:  Phillip Jenkins & Carson Moore

Snuffy Jenkins

“It’s an anomaly,” Phillip Jenkins says of PacJAM’s new class offering.  Taking their mission seriously to transmit the region’s music to today’s youth, Pacolet Junior Appalachian Musicians is digging deeply into Jenkins’ roots.  Long proud of his lineage to progenitor of the 3-finger banjo Snuffy Jenkins (Phillip’s great-uncle), PacJAM is taking on the other “instrument” Snuffy was known for… the washboard (or “confounded contraption,” as Snuffy’s dad called it.)

Phil Jenkins, nephew of Snuffy Jenkins, demonstrates making a racket on the washboard.

Specially outfitted with a pot, block, and bike horn, and played with thimbles on three fingers of each hand, Snuffy’s confounded contraption is a unique set-up, even among other washboard player.  (A clip of Snuffy playing can be seen here:

PacJAM is providing the washboard setup, and Phillip Jenkins is providing the know-how, in two four-week class sessions:  April 14-May 5th, and May 12th-June 2nd, in the amphitheater at Tryon Fine Arts Center from 6:15-7:15pm.  During class, participants can learn how to play the washboard &/or jam on a mandolin/guitar/banjo against washboard rhythms.  Families and couples who love making music together are encouraged to take this class together.

As for Phillip, he can’t wait to pass on this tradition.  In his own words, “There ain’t nobody in the world who can’t play washboard.  All you got to do is make a racket on it!  So don’t tell me you ain’t musically inclined, because I’m going to set you to work making some noise.”