Capital Campaign

For detailed information on the Capital Campaign's finances and design plans, please call us 828-859-8322 or email us.

The Board of Directors and Capital Campaign Committee of Tryon Fine Arts Center are pleased to announce that because of your generosity, we have begun Stage 1 construction of the Expanding our View of the Arts in the Foothills capital campaign.

Construction is now underway in earnest.

Designed to provide performance flexibility, enhance accessibility and improve efficiency, a two-story structure will be constructed on the north facing side of the current building with a beautiful view of Tryon Peak. This space will be used for art education, intimate concerts, plays, readings and as well as community gatherings and fundraisers. In addition, a storage unit constructed above this active use space, located at stage level, will improve operating effectiveness.

“The foothills community has given generously to this project. We are very thankful to the many individuals who have believed in the need for these improvements and have financially supported this effort. We are particularly grateful to Polk County Community Foundation for its most recent contribution that enabled TFAC to reach this Stage I capital campaign goal”, said Tara Brannon, TFAC President.

TFAC has been actively engaged in modifying and improving its campus for several years. Over the past 10 years or so TFAC renovated the Veh Stage, demolished 3 older buildings, added 20 parking spaces, built the Peterson Amphitheater, enhanced the Eifert Plaza, modified the auditorium and improved the Wassong Green Room. Numerous generous people from throughout the community have continued to donate to the center as its programs and outreach enhance the lives of so many people.

“Countless art loving volunteers have donated their time, talent and resources at TFAC. It is truly the community center that Violet Parish Watson envisioned over 50 years ago. “ said Tim Brannon, Capital Campaign Committee Chair.

Updates on our Progress

May 2019

  • Board appointed Construction Committee to provide day-to-day oversight of project
  • Construction Committee meets bi-weekly with architect John Walters, general contractor Harper Construction's Hootie Solsbee and other subcontractors and advisors
  • Foundation soil borings taken and results found to be satisfactory
  • Asbestos inspection found minimal contamination-abatement is scheduled
  • Final mechanical, electrical, plumbing, steel and HVAC bids secured
  • Bidding underway for all other sub-contracted work
  • Architectural and enginnering drawings being finalized
  • Construction planned to begin mid-third quarter and be completed first quarter of 2020
  • Board and Construction Committee continue work with neighbors to minimize construction impact on local residents and businesses

August 2019

  • Harper Corporation compiled bids from all subcontractors and presented the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for Stage 1
  • The GMP was within TFAC's cost expectations
  • TFAC's Board of Directors voted to move forward with Stage 1 and authorized the signing of the construction contract
  • Construction permits have been obtained
  • Asbestos abatement contract has been secured and approved-work will begin within the next week
  • Harper named project management team that will meet with TFAC's Construction Committee bi-weekly throughout construction
  • Construction/renovation is scheduled to begin by mid-September
  • Staff & volunteers are currently cleaning out all spaces that will be impacted by the construction/renovation
  • Board and Construction Committee continue work with neighbors to minimize construction impact on local residents and businesses