Thank you to our Sponsors for the 2020-2021 Season:

The Kirby Endowment Fund at Polk County Community Foundation
The North Carolina Arts Council
Parsec Financial
Acts Retirement Communities:  Tryon Estates

October 29  Michael McCue:  Tryon as an Artist Colony  Art Historian Mike McCue explains how nationally-known playwright William Gillette and novelist Payne Erskine were catalysts for attracting hundreds of writers and visual artists to the South's most important "country colony, Tryon, NC, between 1890 and 1940.
January 14  Connie Regan-Blake Storytelling - From Mountain to Modern:   All of humanity is linked through stories and storytelling. Stories entertain, educate, and create a bridge of intimacy.
February 11  Connie Regan-Blake  - The Legacy of Ray Hicks:   We have been looking up to him from the beginning . . . the lanky 6’ 7’’ man of the mountains, who came out into the world, bearing old-world gifts that have enriched modern lives beyond measure.
March 11  Susan Johann Focus on Playwrights:  In this multimedia presentation, Susan Johann narrates an inside look at creativity, the theater, and photography based on her twenty-year work of photographing more than ninety playwrights, including Pulitzer Prize winners.
April 8   Monica StevensonWhy Do I Like That Picture?  What are the makings of a good photograph?  Learn to know what to look for!