Hold Still! I Can't See Myself

by Storyteller Dottie Jean

Saturday, September 14, 7 PM
Veh Stage

Dottie Jean has lived in Tryon since 1993. Although she’s been a storyteller most of her life, she only realized it was her calling when she retired in 2011. Dottie Jean tells personal stories of growing up in Salisbury, North Carolina, in the 40’s and 50’s. In Hold Still! I Can’t See Myself she tells stories of the big influences in her life, those that helped or hindered her in discovering her identity and calling. She has performed Hold Still! I Can’t See Myself in Asheville, Salisbury, Columbia, and Palm Springs. She is delighted to be performing it in her home town of Tryon.

The idea for the show came from something her brother told her when she complained to him that she wasn’t as creative as he was. He replied, ‘Dottie, you don’t know what you’re good at and what you’re not good at. All you know is what other people have told you. We use other people as our mirrors.’ He was right. The tagline of her show is ‘if you don’t believe you’re beautiful, find another mirror.’

Dottie Jean tells stories with meaning, warmth and humor. As one fan wrote: ‘Dottie Jean is a wonderful teller of stories. Her stories reflect her life experiences, people who’ve been important to her, and lessons she’s learned. Her honesty, humor, and humility set her apart as a storyteller. Her manner is not only entertaining, but also has a way of inviting listeners to venture into their own memories, often with renewed appreciation for things long forgotten. Hold Still! I Can’t See Myself offers a rare opportunity to celebrate life.’

Admission: $20

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