Stage Door Series presents:
Nina Now

Tuesday, May 22. 7pm

Backstage on the Veh Stage

Destiny Stone is the face and voice of Nina Now. The show is a musical tribute to Grammy nominated, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, singer, songwriter, and pianist Nina Simone. The show is comprised of 10 of Simone’s songs, 6 of Destiny’s original songs, and an artist-audience talk back.

Nina Now is a show on a mission to keep the name of Nina Simone ringing. The show embodies what it means to be a woman, artist, and activist. Audience members said “Destiny is a very talented young woman [who is] years before her time” and that the show is “Dazzling, challenging, and empowering”.

See this stunning performance for one night only at TFAC in the intimate setting of the Stage Door Series.

The Stage Door Series is TFAC's newest series, giving patrons a unique perspective on concerts, theater, spoken word events, and more. Seating is limited, so reservations are strongly encouraged. Admission is $5.    Based on the concept of the House Concert, donations are requested at the event and go directly to the artist.

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Admission: $5

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