Pandemic Arts

Pandemic Arts is a streaming series featuring performing artists talking about how the global pandemic has affected their careers, creativity, finances, and vision of the future.

Episode 4- Isis Music Hall

Scott Woody is one of the family owners of Isis Music Hall in Asheville, NC, which (like all live music venues) has been severely affected by the global pandemic. We talked with Scott about how Isis is staying afloat and keeping its employees despite COVID-19 restrictions.

Episode 3- Jennifer and Darren Nicholson

This episode features Balsam Range mandolinist and vocalist Darren Nicholson and his wife, Jennifer, a musician and vocalist who also teaches high school music courses.

Episode 2- David Holt

Four-time Grammy winner David Holt talks about his life in the year of the global pandemic— a year when he had booked lots of concerts, was scheduled to film Season 5 of "David Holt's State of Music," is battling a (non-fatal) neurological disease, and is preparing to become a grandfather.

Premiere episode

Musicians Natalya Zoe Weinstein and John Cloyd Miller of Fairview, NC (who perform as Zoe and Cloyd) talk about the changes in their lives brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

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