TFAC Photo Contest

Tryon Fine Arts Center is holding a monthly photo contest in order to encourage creative endeavors.  You may have more free time on your hands than usual.  Put your hands and brain to good use and make some art in order to help clear the cobwebs and grease the gears of thought and creativity.

You may already have the winning photo on your phone!  Scroll back and see.  If not, some deep thinking may give you a winning idea. Sharing your work with the world is an important part of the creative process.

 Photo Contest Update!

TFAC Photo Contest has moved to a monthly contest, instead of a weekly.
This will not only give photographers more opportunities to capture just the right shot, but also provide the chance to submit more photos for consideration.

*June submissions are now being accepted. 

Theme:  Child Photo Competition~ B+W

(Photo submissions for this month's contest are in Black & White ONLY)

Celebrate the beauty of childhood--your own children or those of your neighbors and friends--by submitting your most stunning images of children.  And this can be done safely in these trying times by using a longer than normal lens.  Show us their emotions, their discoveries, their moments of fun and enjoyment and  drama.  Hone your sensitivity to the child's expressions and your ability to sense their ever-changing moods to capture an impactful image.  Submit in Black-and-white to make the image classic. 

June's winners will be announced at the end of the month.

Thank you for your interest!


Please review the information below.  When you're ready to submit, please send photos by email to