TFAC Photo Contest

Tryon Fine Arts Center is holding a monthly photo contest in order to encourage creative endeavors.  You may have more free time on your hands than usual.  Put your hands and brain to good use and make some art in order to help clear the cobwebs and grease the gears of thought and creativity.

You may already have the winning photo on your phone!  Scroll back and see.  If not, some deep thinking may give you a winning idea. Sharing your work with the world is an important part of the creative process.

Neon newstand

Photo Contest Update!

TFAC Photo Contest is sizzling this July!  Moving the contest from weekly to monthly proved to be a huge success in June.  Get your submissions in...NOW!

*July submissions are now being accepted. 

Theme:  Nighttime Photography

Night photography can be a true test of technique for a lot of photographers. This could be a contest centered around astrophotography. The submissions could be shots of the milky way, or of star trails. Another interesting night photography technique could be portraits using available lights during the night or country scape shot by the light of the moon or cityscape.  Because of the low light, nighttime limits distractions and allows a photographer to make lots of creative decisions about highlight and shadow. This can make for dynamic portrait or cityscape submissions. 

Have Fun and Good Luck!

July's winners will be announced at the end of the month.

Thank you for your interest!


Please review the information below.  When you're ready to submit, please send photos by email to