RhinoLeap Productions presents

The Three Musketeers

June 17, 3pm & 8pm. June 18, 3pm.

Veh Stage

Workshops available too!

RhinoLeap Productions, a first-of-its-kind NC-based theater company, brings together professional actors, directors, and designers from all over the United States to work with students and present professional productions in smaller towns specifically in North Carolina. This June they bring a stunning production of The Three Musketeers to the TFAC stage.

The Three Musketeers is based on the timeless swashbuckler by Alexandre Dumas, this is a tale of heroism, treachery, close escapes and above all, honor.  When d'Artagnan sets off for Paris in search of adventure, along tags his sister in search of romance.  She poses as a young man – d'Artagnan's servant – and quickly becomes entangled in her brother's adventures. Soon after reaching Paris, d'Artagnan encounters the greatest heroes of the day: Athos, Porthos and Aramis, the famous musketeers.   d'Artagnan joins forces with his heroes to defend the honor of the Queen of France and finds himself in opposition to the most dangerous man in Europe, Cardinal Richelieu and the infamous assassin, Milady, who will stop at nothing to inflict the pain of her past onto others.

Jeremy Skidmore, who after fifteen years of living in Washington, DC and directing worldwide has recently moved back to North Carolina, will direct the production. “It was never a question of if I would come back to North Carolina, but only ever a question of when.” Skidmore says. “This is my home.  And now I hope I can contribute to the fabric of the arts in the state in any way I can.”

Fight Choreography by Dale Girard. Featuring Performances by Rebecca Brinkley, EJ Cantu, Chance Carroll, Cedric Mays, Chesley Polk, John Romanski, Meaghan Kimberly Smith, and Dayna Tietzen. Featuring Designs by Dorothy Austin, Patrick Calhoun, Jacob Meulhausen, Noah Trimner.

Workshops for Students

We are currently accepting to students for our workshops in Tryon, NC.  Open to ages 8-18, the RhinoLeap professionals offer hands-on workshops focusing on acting, puppetry, music, movement, and writing.

Classes will be held at Sunnydale June 12th-16thth from 10am to 11:30 for ages 8 to 11 and then 12:00pm to 2pm for ages 12 to 18.  For more information, please contact Kim Karaman at kimkaraman@gmail.com.

Tuition is $60 per student including a workshop t-shirt.

The RhinoLeap team


About RhinoLeap

RhinoLeap Productions was born out of two pressing challenges facing arts in North Carolina today: the rarity of direct contact between students and professional artists in North Carolina High Schools and the desire for professional productions to be presented in towns across the state beyond North Carolina’s major cities.

RhinoLeap Productions will be based in Asheboro. The centrality in the state, proximity to major universities, easy accessibility to major metropolitan areas makes Asheboro an ideal location for a professional touring company.  “By presenting work and teaching in multiple towns, particularly those not served by existing theater companies, the impact of very high quality theater and arts education can be enjoyed throughout the state,” lead producer Tom Osteen shared.


Adults $22

Students $12

Need help? Call TFAC at 828-859-8322.