The 2019 Sunset Series presents

Shaun Hopper & J Klein
with Jane Kramer

Thursday, May 30. 6:30 PM
Peterson Amphitheater

Join us for a lively evening of music, friends and fun as the sun goes down over the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Shaun Hopper & J Klein headline the final performance of the Series with everything guitar.

Acoustic "fingerstyle" guitar wizard Shaun Hopper is at first glance an unassuming presence, a true southern gentleman whose humility stands in stark contrast to the prodigious talents he unveils on stage. An unparalleled master of the fret-board. Merging complex melodies, harmonies and bass lines along with a one-of-a-kind mix of percussive elements, he captivates everyone within earshot. Whether his listeners are guitar enthusiasts or not matters little, within a few seconds they soon realize that they are listening to a true virtuoso. Hopper's original compositions and arrangements of pop tunes are infused with all the cutting edge techniques and flavorings embraced by the new breed of You-Tube sensations, including influences like Adam Rafferty, Andy McKee and Don Ross. Yet, it is his traditional and schooled "approach" to music which keeps him unquestionably steeped in, and inspired by, the greats. Influences include guitar legends; Chet Atkins, Andres Segovia, Tommy Emmanuel, George Benson, Michael Hedges, Martin Taylor, Buster B. Jones, Pete Huttlinger and Leo Kottke, just to name a few. The final result is a signature style which crosses over the full range of musical genres; Folk, Classical, Celtic, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues and Percussive-New Age.

Shaun's stagecraft is equally impressive and engaging. Weaving in humorous tales from his small town Georgia roots and sharing an occasional glimpse into his "backwoods" childhood, he stirs his audience with both laughter and introspection. Shaun's modest upstarts bespeak his self-effacing nature, and yet it is years of cloistered practice which cuts through on stage with searing confidence. A self-assurance rarely found in performers twenty or thirty years his senior. What you hear in his music is quite unexpected... even edgy. Coming from a succession of Georgia steel-workers, Adel native Hopper reveals an insatiable drive to engage a far wider and more international audience. His set list is as diverse and expansive as his global aspirations, so don't expect Bluegrass or Lynyrd Skynyrd out of this Georgia boy, except in his punch lines. Moving thematically through his repertoire, Shaun takes his audience on a tour from Celtic imagery and Classical medley to soulful ballads and jazzy improvs, all of which he might counter punch with a Nashville "hot licks" session, neck popping original or 70's pop song. With listeners caught off balance, he is still able to rouse them up with a contagious sing-a-long or two. Song by song, night after night, Shaun always raises a smile, a glass and if not... a standing ovation.

28 year old Singer/songwriter/musician Justin Kleinhoffer, professionally known as J. Klein, has been performing since 2004 as a solo artist as well as a member of the Chicago-based duo "Etna & The Mammoth" (2011) and as a recording and touring member of the St. Louis-based rock group "EFFIC" (2009). J. Klein is the winner of 2015 SSA Songwriter of the Year. Logging in hundreds live performances and  countless recording studio hours, J. KIein has performed as a solo artist at a variety of music venues - clubs, wineries, coffee house, bar-restaurants, college campuses, concert halls - as well as outdoor festivals.

Jane Kramer will open for Shaun Hopper & J Klein with a set at 6:30 PM. Lauded by UK music reviewer Three Chords and the Truth as sounding like she was “…born to gypsy poets and raised by Emmylou Harris,” Asheville, North Carolina songstress Jane Kramer has garnered international recognition for the sultry, heartrending originality of her vocals and for the heavy-hitting lyrical eloquence of her songwriting.

With deep roots in the musical traditions, culture and lore of her beloved Appalachia, Kramer’s songs are introspective, gracefully gritty and fiercely memorable. They elegantly sweep listeners down the gravel roads and southern coastal highways, midnight truck stops and lonely motel rooms of “hard learning” and lead home to the wooded Blue Ridge Mountains with moving acceptance of our flawed human experience. Kramer’s live performances are equally as poignant and engaging; rich with accessible, warm, often hilarious storytelling and gracefully lifting the veil between audience and performer.

Mountain View BBQ will have a food truck on site and wine, beer, and refreshments will be available.

$10 Suggested Donation at the Door (cash)

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