Small Town, World Stage
A Case Study of the World Equestrian Games on the Local Arts Scene

What happens to the local arts scene when a major world sports event thrusts a small town into the international spotlight? That’s exactly what we’re going to find out in Tryon, North Carolina, a community of 3,000 people, when the World Equestrian Games brings 500,000 to the area over the course of two weeks in September 2018. Arts organizations and community groups are coming together to make the most of this one of a kind opportunity-while staying true to themselves and their audiences. This interactive discussion will delve deeply into the changes and challenges leading up to and during the WEG.

Michelle Fleming Resume

About Tryon

About the World Games

This advertisement (at right) was a partnership between Tryon-area art galleries. Individually, advertising in a World Equestrian Games publication is prohibitive for the small organizations, but we can together for a DIY co-op advertising. This presentation will explore other ways the arts can make the most of an international event like the WEG.