TFAC Artists in Education

An Interview with David McLeod, local resident and adult JAM participant.

We checked in with our PacJam musicians during the pandemic to see how they were dealing with everything. What was their home quarantine experience like and how the pandemic impacted them?

  How has your art or ability to make art or music been impacted by the pandemic?

While many others have been impacted more seriously than I have, my ability to participate in music has certainly been curtailed during this trying time. During the past 10 to 12 months, getting together and playing music in any fashion (classes, jams, one on one, etc.) with anyone has been severely limited or completely not possible for health safety reasons. However, due to TFAC, I have been able to participate in some level of musical activities either in small and safe classes that were managed by TFAC or with others due to my association with TFAC. TFAC has worked hard to come up with opportunities for music that fit within the current health challenging boundaries.

What are your thoughts about the importance of art and music during trying times like what we are currently experiencing?

To use the phrase “music soothes the savage beast” as a theme, I feel art, and in this specific case, music is very important during these very trying times. Being able to enjoy music (and art) in any fashion during normal times always gives us the ability to improve our overall outlook and well-being. When times are challenging (and beastly), as they are now, we all need ways to improve our outlook. Music has the definite ability to help soothe us and at the same time gives us hope for times to get better.

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