Unity Collage Workshops

Mixed Media Collage

Participants will use text, paper, paints, copies of photographs and fiber based materials to create a multilayered collage on an individual 12x12 canvas that represents the participant’s idea and experiences of a unified community.

What you need to know about the Unity Collage Workshops

  • Workshops are free to the public and will be led by an art instructor
  • Basic Materials are provided: canvas, paint, glue, and paper. Participants are encouraged to bring newsprint, fabrics or personal items to include in the panel.
  • One panel per participant limitation
  • Panels will remain with Tryon Fine Art Center
  • Participant’s panel will be part of 200+ panel exhibit starting May 7, 2017 at Tryon Fine Art Center
  • Individuals can claim their individual panel at the conclusion of the exhibit

What do you need to do next?

  • Register for one of the public collage workshops
  • Collect personal material to individualize your collage
  • Show up for collage session

Contact us for details at 828-859-8322 or via email.