Update on Be Inspired Grants (BIG news) Dance with exercise at New Prospect Elementary

Jennifer Bogan, PE teacher

New Prospect Elementary

2020-2021 Funded Project; “Exer-Rhythm: Drums Alive!”

Jennifer used grant funding to purchase materials for the ” Drums Alive” program that integrates dance with exercise in PE class

Thanks to a generous Be Inspired Grant from the Tryon Fine Arts Center, students in Ms. Jennifer’s class have been enjoying playing and dancing while exercising.

The students at New Prospect elementary just started their drums alive unit in physical education class.  The kids are having a blast incorporating rhythm and exercise into their classes.  This is a great unit for the pandemic because it allows every student to have their own equipment and stay the appropriate six feet apart or to share equipment and wear their mask.  The benefits of these activities include the development of muscular endurance and cardiovascular conditioning, the patterns are choreographed to music, adding to the development of timing and rhythmic movements. They are also collaborating with a music teacher who is also teaching rhythm and patterns so that it can carry over to their PE classes.

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