PacJAM Summer Camp 2023

PacJAM Summer Camp 2023

We have planned a fantastic summer camp, for the week of June 26th-30th. Rising star Ella Hennessee joins us from Appalachian state for coaching guitar, fiddle, vocals, & band. Ruthie Pilgrim teaches Suzuki-style fiddle, and is excited to make sure PacJAMs' fiddlers stay in tip-top shape this summer. Alice Kexel returns to teach more flat-footing, and Emily Brock is leading Appalachian Arts & Crafts. Students new to PacJAM (or those who want a fun change for the summer) can try dulcimer with Ryan Blanton or washboard with Julie Moore & Philip Jenkins (dulcimers & washboards provided). Seasoned teacher Amy & Bob Buckingham, Gaye Johnson, Will Trakas, & Carson Moore also join the fun. Sign up today for a fun week of group lessons, jams, music theory, traditional art, songs, stories, and dancing.


Our youth session runs the full week, from 8:30am-12 each day, with an incredible diversity of activities which immerse youth in folk music and culture.  Students will experience group lessons, jams, music theory, traditional art, songs, stories, and dancing, with an impressive lineup of regular and guest artists.

Students who have already had experience on an instrument may sign up for the “standard” offerings of beginning, intermediate, or advanced fiddle, mandolin, guitar, clawhammer & 3-finger banjo.

Students 8-11, & 12 & up who are new to music lessons, or want a fun change for summer session may try dulcimer &/or washboard.

Youth age 6 & 7 may register for ukulele, or “washboard & rhythms.”

Both Clover Pickers & Muddy Boots will spend the week in intensive band rehearsals – diving into music theory, learning new songs, and rehearsing.

 Scholarships are available on a first come, first serve basis – just contact Julie to register instead of registering online.  Youth summer session is $150 per child, with a multi-child discount.

Washboards & dulcimers do not need a rental fee, as those instruments will not come home with the student during the week.

Rentals for fiddle, mandolin, banjo & guitar are good through the end of our fall semester and are $65 for all instruments besides ukulele, which is $32.

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